Our books will inspire our readers to be the possible version of themselves by sharing stories that not only entertain but also educate the reader. Reading our books will take you for an emotional ride of pleasure and pain as we share stories of truth and heartbreak with a reflective twist hoping to educate the reader with knowledge and the tools to gain wisdom to maneuver through their own personal life.

$13.95 — WGL My Spiritual Journey

Winning The Game Of Life: My Spiritual Journey
Overcoming Life’s Obstacles
By NaAshaRa Yvette Bacoté

This book details how the lack of self-love and respect can break your heart to the point where you get sick with a serious disease. In this case, it was Multiple Sclerosis. This autobiography takes you on a journey from childhood to womanhood chronicling the plight of overcoming life’s obstacles. Showing you that everything connected. This book deals with facts on issues of MS, teenage parenting, alcoholism, suicide, STD’s, drug abuse, and the generational cycle of domestic violence that had to be broken.

What People Are Saying About The Book Series

“This is the story of every woman faced with life’s insurmountable obstacles, but ultimately shielded by God’s Love! This testimony of grace will uplift and fill your heart!” Afeni Shakur-Davis

“The way you contextualized your journey of transformation was compelling, educational and soul stirring. I thank the mystery of creation for introducing your splendor into my life. Your life is a living testimony to what perseverance, dedication and hope can do. With Deep Gratitude and Appreciation.”Dedan Gills – GROWING A GLOBAL HEART

“You are truly an amazing woman.”  Roz Payne, www.newsreel.us

“I’m so proud of you and so grateful to God to send such wisdom in the form of you my way. You are amazing and a path to truth for many. You Go Girl!”
Kalilah Shambry, Love Crazy Entertainment

“This book can be used as a young girl’s road map through life.”
D. Love, Dreamhouse Ministries


$13.95 — WGL 365 Days of Empowerment

Winning The Game Of Life:
“Daily Inspiration for the
Heart, Mind & Soul”
365 Days of Empowerment

By NaAshaRa Yvette Bacoté

Reading positive affirmations daily helps create a positive mindset, which leads to peace & harmony. It is important to stay positive no matter what people say or what your situation looks like; your thoughts create your reality. Look up & turn your dreams into a tangible reality.

Attitude is Everything

I Am Powerful
I Am Self-Confident
My Success Is My Responsibility
I Live By God Not By Fear
I Am Fearless But Wise&
I Stay Strong

For God did not give us a spirit of fear, but a Spirit of Power, of Love and of Self-Discipline. – 2 Timothy 1:7


$8.95 — WGL Daily Affirmations

Winning The Game Of Life:
Daily Affirmations & Meditations

An Inspirational Pocketbook
By NaAshaRa Yvette Bacoté

This cute little 4 x 6 inspirational pocketbook – Carry daily in your pocket or pocketbook to be inspired at anytime you feel as though you need it. Each chapter of the book has Daily affirmations, Meditation Scriptures, & words of thought and/or poems of encouragement to stay positive through any adversity. This book will help you get through the hard times in your life, keeping you strong and spiritual fit.

We have the power to heal ourselves
We have the power to make our lives
What we desire them to be
We just have to believe we can
We all are strong –
It’s just that some of us don’t know it yet.

I can do everything through Him who gives me strength” – Philippians 4:13 (NIV)

$13.95 — WGL Daily Affirmations

Winning The Game Of Life:
A 45 Day Guide To A Healthy Lifestyle 
With Vegetarian/Vegan Recipes, Resources & More . . .
By NaAshaRa Yvette Bacoté

Do You Want to….
Have a better sex life?
Lose weight and keep it off?
Feel and look 10 years younger?
Not suffer from an illness or disease?
Have mental clarity and feel at peace?
Have more energy and increased physical endurance?
Live a vegetarian/vegan or healthy lifestyle, but don’t know how to start?

Winning the game of life – A 45-day guide to a healthy lifestyle is an informational guide to help the readers understand and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Everything in this book is what the author has learned and what she currently does to stay healthy herself, and not suffer from painful MS symptoms. The book goes into great detail about common fruits, vegetables, vitamins, minerals, herbs, other food and over-the-counter products and their healing properties.

This 45-day guide will spark the reader to start the process of living a healthy lifestyle, soul, mind, & body. Warning readers of common chemicals to avoid and giving natural healthy alternatives to use instead. Winning the game of life

A 45day guide to a healthy lifestyle breaks down the dos and don’ts of a healthy lifestyle, with daily and weekly program charts for meals, exercise, and time management. With articles from Mike Adams, the Health Ranger of NaturalNews.com, over 45 vegetarian/vegan recipes, and healthy resources; Winning the game of life – A 45day guide to a healthy lifestyle is sure to assist the reader in transition to living a healthy lifestyle for a healthy productive life. The forward was written by Wendy Akasha Blier, the “Chinese Medicine Lady,” who has guided the author and many others to a healthy lifestyle.

$11.95 — WGL While Facing Illness.

Winning The Game of Life
While Facing Illness

By NaAshaRa Yvette Bacoté

Illness, disease, and disabilities are at an all-time high due to lifestyle, chemicals, and accidents. Yet, no matter what the situation, you deserve to live the best life possible. This book will help you accept the unforeseen change in your life and provide you with helpful resources to make life easier, improving your quality of life regardless of the situation. Learn how to change your perception to see the positive in what seems to be a negative situation by using your inner strength to flow on the river of change.

$13 — WGL Relationship

Winning The Game of Life 
with Relationships

Everything is Connected
By NaAshaRa Yvette Bacoté

The greatest challenge in life is to live your best life, a happy life, loving and understanding yourself, knowing what you truly desire will ultimately translate to the quality of your life and relationships. This book will look at some of your most important relationships giving you insight on how everything is connected showing you that your thoughts lead to your actions, and the choices you make affect many, thus creating your reality. Learn how emotions, personality traits, and body language play a major role in how things transpire in your life, with life scenarios and quotes to assist you in successfully managing yourself, people, situations, and circumstances that you may encounter enabling you to understand that your perception and attitude are essential to winning this game of life.

Be Mindful, Be Compassionate,
Be Forgiving, Be Loving
To Yourself & Others Because
We Are All Connected

To Purchase My Convictions $10
Contact Ericka: Rayefat@yahoo.com

My Convictions:
Witness My Transformation From Victim To Victor

By Ericka Rochelle Ray

This poetry book is about my conviction and the convictions of others. I go thru many experiences, some keeping me back and most times, I grew to discover, my convictions open my eyes to different things and make me become a better woman. Some of my convictions cause me so much hurt but it helps me feel so much better when I can write about them. Poetry is my therapy; I don’t have to spend thousands of dollars telling an unknown person of what I’ve been thru.

My God and my inner being guides me to what I’m supposed to do. I have done so many things that I’m ashamed of and probably will take to my grave, but I share with you my convictions, so you can paint a picture, I create… My convictions…

To Purchase If My Walls Could Talk $10 
Contact Ericka: Rayefat@yahoo.com 

If My Walls Could Talk . . .
By Erika Rochelle Ray

The dynamics of a woman are not all set up the same. We all are quite different, have different cultures, styles and personalities. Our Creator however, gave us one thing that we do share, that is equal. We all have walls. If my walls could talk, consist of six women, who would not dare tell their stories verbally, hoping that their walls could speak for themselves. Some women walls’ cry out for help, but no one can hear them. I have been ordained to expose these walls, walls that even I’ve endured over time. Please allow me to help you grow from your walls that created a hindrance in your life. Allow me to be the spokesperson for your walls, eventually your walls will talk.

To Purchase 
My Temple, My Universe $14 
Contact Lidia McKinney: 

My Temple, My Universe
By Lidia McKenney

My Temple, My Universe will provide you with core information to start your journey of discovering that you are in control of your body and in control of how you respond to all occurrences in your life, as well as how a positive mind and positive thoughts can lead you on a successful path. In this book, you will learn how to connect these amazing discoveries and see the positive changes in your life!

Life is ever evolving and the importance of understanding how to live it, how to embrace it, and how to work with it are all the keys to your success and it is through the power of discovery and the desire to have a more fulfilled life that your amazing journey can begin. Millions of people are enjoying life not so much from material things that they possess and are able to obtain, but from their understanding of how their temple (body) and their universe (world) plays a large part in having true joy and abundance.

To Purchase What About Us? $7 
Contact Kahdiea: 

What About Us? 
Volume One 
Child Sexual Abuse
By Kahdiea A. Rufus

What about us…will serve as a reminder that we all play a part in protecting the children from malicious predators’. We must instill in our children to speak up when they are uncomfortable no matter what the situation otherwise, we can’t help them. By speaking up to someone, they empower themselves and help others. Let’s empower and protect our children they are the future.

To Purchase Torture & Love $15
Contact Antonio: 

Torture Love:
A Collection of Poetic Compilations

By Antonio Barkley

Antonio Barkley grew up in the heart of the city of Atlanta, Georgia. During the summer, he would visit his grandmother who lived in Alabama, where she helped instill those good ole down south soulful salt of the earth moral fibers. Antonio Barkley is a blue-collar worker who drives across the country meeting & talking to people. Yes, he is a truck driver with a poet’s heart & soul. His love for poetry was forged by heartbreak & growth as a man, from the desire of wanting & needing to be inspired. He writes to inspire & assist the healing process of those who are no stranger to heartbreak, poetical documenting the feelings that we all have or may encounter in our lives. He writes from the heart, sharing emotions of love & pain, inspiring others to stay strong & start anew as if forever is just around corner. Antonio Barkley is truly an intelligent captivating author who has the ability to turn gloom to gladness with the stroke of pen.

One reader states… “His writings are exquisite; he is one of the most inspiring authors I know. It is mind blowing for one to have so much control over others emotions.”

To Purchase Elevate with
The Unknown Poet $15 

Contact Roscoe: 

with The Unknown Poet…

By Roscoe Hameed Abdullah

Here lies buried the expressions and observations of a wide-awake man who inner stands that real freedom as a project is politically forbidden in this current matrix. It is the current dialectic that is the tyranny of modern society. It is the method itself of this culture that is its madness. We live in an age where the meaning of man himself is in danger. Therefore, our environment (this earth) is in danger. We live in a society that is manipulated to destroy Human Being and make all of us servants of the lowest aspects of our terrestrial selves; instead of being the masters of the highest aspects of our celestial selves. This knowledge can only be studied alone or in the circle of men /women who follow the method of the transformation of self. This is the ancient way. The way that the modern magicians have been employed to cover-up. Yet, the seal has been broken, truth has arrived, and it will knock the brains out of all falsehood.