Our authors share real-life stories to help give the reader true insight to some of life’s enjoyable and agonizing possibilities. Each author’s story are passionately riveting making you laugh, cry, and/or be inspired; reminding us that no one goes through their life unscathed because we are all is this together. All of our books are ‘A MUST READ’ giving you the necessary tools to win this game. All of our authors are available for mentoring, book clubs, book signings, other literary and holistic events.

Winning The Game Of Life: 
My Spiritual Journey Book Series
Author NaAshaRa Yvette Bacoté

NáAshaRa Yvette Bacoté was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. There she had three beautiful children and a career as a contract manager in the medical field. In 2000, after suddenly deciding to leave her husband of 10 years, Yvette moved to Atlanta, Georgia with her children to start her life over. Due to the stress of starting over, in 2002 exactly two years later on the same day she left her husband, Yvette was diagnosed with the debilitating disease Multiple Sclerosis.

After 4 years of fighting with the disease, she had accepted the fact she was going to die. She started writing to her children all the things she wanted them to know, Yvette realized she was not living by the same beliefs and ideas she was sharing with her children. Realizing this Yvette started the process of changing her perception of herself, which began a journey of self-love and empowerment. This new self-realization opened doors for her never opened before, to a pain free peace filled world full of self-love and respect.

My Convictions: 
Witness My Transformation From Victim To Victor
Author Ericka Rochelle Ray

Ericka Ray, an author and poet who resides in East Atlanta, Georgia. Ericka is a retired Sergeant from the Department of Juvenile Corrections and now works at Atlanta Medical in the operating room. Ericka published her first book in 2010, “My Convictions.” Ericka uses sincerity, humor and real life experiences in her writings to open her reader’s minds. In her writings you will feel soulful deep emotions that she creates for the reader to visualize a change needs to occur. Ericka creates heartfelt stories that some have endured to help others overcome. Ericka is a vivid reader and enjoys traveling to the Caribbean.


My Temple, My Universe
Author Lidia McKinney

Lidia McKinney has been practicing the principles of My Body, My Temple and the laws of attraction for more than 15 years. She believes in the power of manifestation and teaches individuals about the importance of learning how your body and the world in which you live is the key to true abundance. She is a Platinum President with Ardyss International, a company known for its reshaping garments and natural nutritional supplements.

What About Us?
Volume One Child Sexual Abuse
Author Kahdiea A. Rufus

Kahdiea Al-nesia Rufus resides in Atlanta, GA with her two children. She mentors at risk youth and she was also a victim of sexual abuse as a child. Kahdiea wants to bring awareness to this serious issue that  keeps getting swept under the rug.

Torture & Love:
Collection of Poetic Compilations
Author Antonio Barkley

Antonio Barkley grew up in the heart of the city of Atlanta, Georgia. During the summer, he would visit his grandmother who lived in Alabama, where she helped instill those good ole down south soulful salt of the earth moral fibers. Antonio is a blue-collar worker who drives across the country meeting & talking to people. Yes, he is a truck driver with a poet’s heart & soul. His love for poetry was forged by heartbreak & growth as a man, from the desire of wanting & needing to be inspired. He writes to inspire & assist the healing process of those who are no stranger to heartbreak, poetical documenting the feelings that we all have or may encounter in our lives. He writes from the heart, sharing emotions of love & pain, inspiring others to stay strong & start anew as if forever is just around the corner. Antonio Barkley is truly an intelligent captivating author who has the ability to turn gloom to gladness with the stroke of a pen.

One reader states…“His writings are exquisite; he is one of the most inspiring authors I know. It is mind blowing for one to have so much control over others emotions.”

Elevate with The Unknown Poet . . .
Author Roscoe Hameed Abdullah

The Unknown Poet is born from the universal mind of the one great soul. He was raised in the city by the sea in Atlantic City N.J., before the advent of the casino industry. When asked about growing up he said, “I grew up down by the sea shore, with the Atlantic Ocean at my front door and the Back Bay at my rear.” It was a pleasant childhood; my environment was rich in scenic beauty. I grew up in the era of chicken bone beach, club Harlem, the wonder garden, and the steel pier. I spent long summer days, in the summer heat, on the beach, and at the lakes. A pleasant escape from cold winters and the inner city blues. I was born and raised between A.C. and N.Y.C. I spent some time down in northern Florida and I have traveled up and down the north/east corridor. Now, I lay my head down in T-Town and I’m vibing tough in P-town. I be hanging around with progressive poets and banging jazz bands. I believe that the black arts movement is on the move again. I was born in that city by the sea, in a little gangster town called A.C. These were the days before I could see when I was chasing the dreams of another reality. I grew up with men who took on names like, Cocain Smitty, Gangster Ben, Mama Jack, Oscar K, Fat Back, Cat Eye and I tell you no lie. Most of these men met with violent ends and never got a chance to make amends.

I have seen more live shows by the time I was nineteen, then most people see in a lifetime scene. Musical artist like B.T. Express, Brass Construction, Kool and The Gang, Tower of Power all came down to A.C. and stole the hour. James Brown, Ray Charles, and B.B. King they came down to the shore and did their artistic thing. I have seen The Supremes, The Temptations, and The Ohio Players; they laid down that R&B Flavor. I remember seeing Stevie Wonder when he was little Stevie Wonder, then he turned to big Stevie Wonder and turned back again. That young man came down and did a musically superb thing. Yes, I have seen him at the old skating ring. I remember play boxing with Muhammad Ali at K.Y and the curb in Atlantic City. Yes, from The Club Harlem to The Wonder Garden, to Big C’s High Hat graces Little Belmont and all in between. I’ve seen the most fly, prettiest, proudest most talented black folks and entertainers on the 60’s and 70’s scene. These were all black-owned clubs owned by us and there was always jazz in the background. Then there was always the struggle of our people, as I was introduced to new black heroes and sheroes.

As I Joined in the chorus of the young cadre being inspired and motivated by the righteous revolutionary spirit of Malcolm X, Stokely Charmichel, Huey P. Newton, Bobby Seale, H. Rap Brown, George Jackson, Fred Hampton, Zaid and Assata Shakur and many others known and unknown. Yes, me one of the young cadres with the little red book in one hand and the Black Panther Paper in the other, attending political education class (planting seeds of the future fruit. Going to our free breakfast for children program (before breakfast was served in public schools) early in the morning to cook and serve food to the needy little ones. We all had smiles on our faces and that revolutionary zeal in our hearts. Yes, me in the chorus of the young cadre out in front of 100 center street in black beret and leather jacket. Fist pumped standing face to face with the police, as one voice loud and proud, saying ‘Free the Panther 21, Power to the people, Free Huey now!’ Huey P. Newton my Aquarian big brother has now made the transition to the other side and Malcolm, and Martin, and Medgar and many others known and unknown, and let’s never forget the prisoners of war (our political prisoners), all victims of government oppression and lies. I still remember how I was Influenced as a young cadre by the strong and very real poetry of Alprentice Bunchy Carter leader of the L.A. chapter of the Black Panther Party, especially his piece (In Nigger Town) where one line will always stick in my mind. He said, “Do something Nigger, if you only spit”. Well, here I am still spitting, representing, never forgetting on who’s shoulders I stand, the life and death struggle that is still at hand. * Peace and Power *